The Lord Healed Me from Narcolepsy!

As some of you know, I have spent a life time battling narcolepsy, it has sucked away the quality of my life. Today I am going to share my victory with you! I am so excited to say that I am COMPLETELY HEALED and set free from this life long battle!! I am going to start with a snap shot of what my life looked like with narcolepsy, and the effects of the medication I was on. I wrote in one of my previous posts, about how the Lord gave me vivid dreams about this trip before I knew I was coming out to Redding, CA. One of them was about getting healed from narcolepsy. I will share this dream as well and how the Lord fulfilled it. 

Ever sense I could remember, I have always felt so tired. Even the few childhood memories I have, I remember being so tired in school starting in Elementary School. I specifically remember spending Middle and High School with my head on the desk sleeping through every class. I was always in detention, and always was told to stand in the back of the class because I kept getting in trouble for sleeping. 

At age 20, I checked myself into a sleep clinic in Nashville, and after spending a full night and day there, I was officially diagnosed with Narcolepsy. They prescribed me a dangerously high dose of stimulants that were really addictive. After a certain amount of time, I would platue and need a higher dose. Over the years the Dr.’s kept upping the dose until I was maxed out on it. What was crazy was, I could still sleep easily on this medication. Even still take naps in the middle of the day.

As I got older, the symptoms of narcolepsy became more profound. I remember I was off of my medication because I was still nursing Skye. I had just gotten a nanny job. I would drive in the morning to work and exhaustion would take over my whole body. I would get scared because I would start going into dream state while I was awake. I would literally start seeing dreams with my eyes open and hear really loud voices, like a man’s voice or a group of people talking. I also had “sleep attacks” where I would be sitting at church or in a room and be really interested in what’s going on, but then the narcolepsy and would come over me and I would be forced into sleep.

One day I was driving with Skye to go to my nanny job, and I was drifting into sleep. I started nodding off and then all the sudden I heard a loud voice yell, “KATE WAKE UP!” It startled me and I woke up just as I was about to slam into someones bumper. I swerved and hit the breaks. I knew that was one of my angels that day that saved our lives. After this had happened, I grieved as I had to abruptly stop nursing Skye and get back on medication.

After 11 years of being on this medication, that was once a miracle drug that seemed to solve most of my biggest struggles, now it started to turn on me and become another threat to my life. I was warned by several Dr.’s over the years that the dose of medication I was on was way too high and that I would not be able to stay on such a high dose for so long because it was too hard on my major organs, my heart, kidneys and liver. I was at high risk for a heart attack. Under the list of side effects it even said “sudden death may occur.”

One day I was talking with the Lord he said to me, “If you want to see your grandchildren and grow old with your husband, then you are going to have to get off the medication or it will take your life from you.” That day he promised me he would heal me.

A few months later, at the start of 2016, I felt my body starting to really misfire, my short term memory was starting to go, I would sit something down and 1 second later would completely blank on where I put it, I had a hard time recalling day to day things. My brain felt so tired, I had to keep closing my eyes in the middle of conversations because it was so hard to remember entire sentences at a time. It was so hard to hold onto thoughts. Loud sounds really bothered me. I felt exhausted but as if I was running on adrenaline all day long that I did not have. My body felt weak and I just did not feel good at all. I felt like I was so close to death. By the time I came to Redding, my body was so beyond spent and I knew if something didn’t happen soon, a heart attack or stroke was in my near future.

Dream: Healed From Narcolepsy

About 4 months before I knew I was moving out to Redding, back in April of 2017, I awoke to a vivid dream about getting healed:

I was in the passengers seat of a car, a man with blonde hair was driving and Bill Johnson was sitting in the middle of the back row of seats. We were all talking. Then I told them that I have narcolepsy. The man driving said, “Why didn’t you say something?! My wife can pray for you after the service. She prays for people all the time and they get healed.” I walked through Bethel church (in Redding, CA) and I was seeing different services they had and school.

The last part of the dream, I was at the front of the church by the alter, the lights were dim and the stage lights were bright. I was outside of myself watching myself standing there. There were 3 people that had their hands on my head and were praying for me. Suddenly, I could see the inside of my head and I saw my brain, and I saw this bright neon light moving all over certain parts of my brain. Then the dream was over. When I woke up, I felt the blissful presence of the Lord all over my body and I knew the Lord was showing me the time of healing was near. I did think it was weird I was at Bethel in Redding, CA though and did not know what to make of it at the time.

The Healing

When I got to Redding, I had about 2 weeks of pills on me and I had a prescription written for another month. I did not realize that you can’t fill medication in CA on GA prescription paper. This became a big ordeal very quickly, on top of that, I also didn’t know that the state insurance I was on in GA wouldn’t cover anything over here in CA. I knew coming out here I was going to get healed. However, I was really scared to get off of this medication. If you remember from my last posts, it was rough the first several weeks here with housing. I wanted to be settled in somewhere before I got into the mess of this healing because I did not know what this was going to look like. I was expecting to go though severe withdraws, sleep comas, drastic mood swings and major dysfunction. The timing of this healing was not the timing I wanted. I almost felt like God threw me into the deep end of the ocean. I tried my best to resist what he was doing and get more medication, but the Lord knew what he was doing and wanted me to see he is good and trustworthy. The Dr. here was really hesitant to fill the prescription because he said it was way too dangerous and took over an hour to research it while I sat there waiting. Then when he finally wrote the prescription, I went to get it filled and I got denied by the insurance because they said it was too high of a dose. Needless to say, I was freaking out a little. But throughout the whole ordeal, I heard Holy Spirit repeatedly say in his still, small voice, “I am blessing you through this process.” 

The first day I ran out of medication, just so miraculously happened to be on a Saturday, when Bethel has their healing rooms open. One of the rooms is in the main sanctuary where they have a worship band, quietly playing music at the back of the stage. In the center of the room there is a circle of easels, holding large canvases. There are artists painting the most beautiful paintings. Scattered throughout the sanctuary are different paintings. There are chairs outlining the perimeter of the room and circled around the center so if you want to sit and watch while the artists paint you can do so. The room without fail, every Saturday, has this thick, weighty, Holy, comforting, presence of God hovering in the room like a cloud. This is called the soaking room. You go in and lay down on some chairs or the floor or sit or stand and just soak in the bliss of God. You can feel the presence of God radiating off of the paintings like a strong magnetic current. It is so amazing.

The next room is this room is filled with people in groups of 2 and 3. You take a seat then someone comes and gets you and takes you to their group. Then they lay hands on you and pray for you.

The first Saturday I went, I was hit so hard with the presence of God. I fell back and had an encounter with him. I saw and felt angels by my head and I felt this slow magnetic current happening in my head. I wasn’t moving it, but I felt this current slowly move my head from the floor to facing upward. I felt activity in my body, this current circulating it. While I was having this encounter, I saw this huge light over me that looked like a light over an operating table. It was so bright and looked like it was thousands of feet above me. Then I saw these massive mountains above me even taller than the light. I saw Jesus way above standing on a mountain way high up. He said “Kate, it’s time. You’re ready. You’re ready to step into your destiny.” (Remember in my previous post, he said “Your destiny is to be one with me.”) After a while, I heard God speak and he said, “You can open your eyes now.” When I opened my eyes and slowly sat up, I felt like I had just awoken from the deepest, restful sleep. My head felt so light. It physically felt like before my head was a filled with 1000 lbs of metal and now it was light and emptied. I also felt this lightness tingling throughout my entire body.

Any time I had come off of the medication, in the 11 plus years I was on it, I had severe withdraw symptoms. Hot and cold sweats, I would feel irritable, really angry, and I would be in sleep comas for weeks. Certain lymph nodes in my body would swell up, my body would go into shock. I would be doubly exhausted than normal and literally sleeping for 20 hours and wake up feeling like I hadn’t slept. I could not function and I would feel really depressed. I would be starving and craving sugar like crazy because my dopamine levels dropped. I would sink into a depression.

NONE of the physical withdraws happened after the first day in the healing rooms!! None of them! That was a miracle! I did not go into a sleep coma! I was still needing a nap daily, and that ended a few weeks later but that was nothing compared to what I had experienced several times in the past. 

I did have a lot of emotional things happening and this was because the Lord was simultaneously surfacing and healing the deep brokenness within my heart. Narcolepsy was not a genetic condition, it was nowhere in my family line. It was a manifestation of a shattered soul that was constantly shutting down. It was an old coping mechanism my body used as a reaction to being overwhelmed. My body was begging for rest from the unprocessed trauma replaying inside my soul. I went to the healing rooms consistently for about 6 weeks and began going to Sozos in between the weeks in the healing rooms. And that is when, I really began getting my life back even more. The places within me that had been oppressed for so long finally began to get free.

Week by week, I was progressively feeling better as my body was resetting. I was still having sleep attacks when I was in different places. I was feeling concerned, thinking is this ever going to go away?! One night, Bobby Conner came to Bethel. I sat about 5 rows from the front. I was perfectly fine as he was talking about his books and doing his intro. As soon as he began to go into his sermon, exhaustion took over my whole body. It was so heavy. My eyelids felt like they each weighed 100 lbs. I did everything I could to keep my eyes open and stay awake but no matter how hard I tried I felt forced into a sleep. As soon as he was finished, it lifted off of me like nothing happened. I opened my eyes and I felt so angry thinking when is this going to stop?! Bobby finished his closing, and was about to go into some story telling, and he stopped and said, “If anyone in here has a sleep disorder I want you to stand up.” (Mind you, this was the only thing he called out for healing that night.) So I stood up. He prayed a over us and I felt something lift off of my head and a lightness take over and I knew I was healed. Since that day, I have never had another sleep attack again.

My current Life and how it has changed

For a few months my body did feel weird. I wasn’t really sure how to live, because I wasn’t necessarily bouncing off the walls with energy. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year (2018) that I realized I needed to make some major lifestyle shifts in order to start feeling my best. That took some experimenting but I am starting to find a nice rhythm and balance. Most of the things that used to make me feel tired no longer do. Exercising used to make me feel exhausted and now that is one of the many ways I get energized and feel connected with myself. I have also completely changed my diet and have cutting out processed foods, refined sugar, and added meat back into my diet. I am really feeling the best I have felt ever felt without meds. I have felt such a shift in my relationship with my body. I have learned how to reconnect, listen and love my body and myself better.  I am still physically in a healing process as I am working on getting myself to the best and healthiest me I can be. God is interested in healing us holistically, our entire being, and that is exactly what he is doing for me. I so am thankful to finally begin to have my life back!! Everyday gets even better than the day before. I am in such awe. 

Thanks for reading!! If you know of someone who would be blessed by reading this, please share this!