2018: The Year of Spreading Your Wings and Flying

I often see things I am experiencing, dreaming or laboring in the spirit for are not just for me alone, but for the body of Christ. I truly felt like what I experienced on New Year’s Eve was one of them. 2017 felt like one mountain climb after another. A year of intense boot camp, where many of us were stretched beyond limits, pushed past thresh holds, and were broken and mended, and broken and mended. But there was an unfulfilled feeling of- there’s got to be more than this. Now that we have been pushed and pulled, stretched, tried, and emptied over the years behind us, a lot of us are ready to be refilled with the overflowing, abundant goodness of the Lord. Have you felt the shift this year?

I spent New Year’s Eve in my closet with Holy Spirit this year, which I had been looking forward to for weeks. It’s always so exciting to come into his presence, but especially when a new year is on the brink. I haven’t read anyone’s words for 2018 yet, I like to exit the previous year with what the Lord reveals to me and at some point in January, I like to read what the Lord spoke to others and see the themes he repeats to us and the different pieces he gives to each of us.

This year, however, I was not anticipating what I had experienced on New Year’s Eve. The events on New Years Eve day had taken some major turns and that night, I stepped into the closet with a restless heart. I had some personal decisions I needed to make about the trip I am currently on, and I did not feel peace about any of the choices I was weighing out. I could not shake off this unsettled feeling I had and I just wanted to settle it with the Lord so I could move forward, and see what he had to say about the new year. I tried pressing into the Lord, but became frustrated because the internal shift I was needing was not happening. It was going on 2 hours and I got to the point where I started to allow discouragement and frustration to have their way. Around 11:30pm, I decided to call it a night and go to bed; I felt like I had surrendered to discouragement. I passively hoped the Lord would just resolve the matter in my sleep. I turned out the light, and immediately, as soon as I laid my head on the pillow, this deep cry erupted out of me as the frustration, and the restlessness within intensified. I started sobbing and crying out to the Lord, “Lord, you PROMISED! YOU PROMISED ME LORD!!! Nothing is too hard for you! I will NOT settle any more! Enough is enough!!” I couldn’t lay there, it was way too intense, and as I sat up in bed, I felt the current of Holy Spirit inside of my body, as if he was helping me sit up. At the same time, a thought shot through my mind like a shooting star, it said, “Now, you are getting somewhere!”

I got out of bed and turned on the lamp inside of my closet. As soon as I stepped in and shut the door, everything completely shifted. I was hit twice as intensely with peace than the intensity of the frustration I had just experienced a moment prior. This blissful, deeply satisfying peace consumed my entire being. I sat there smiling, soaking in the goodness of the Lord. And I saw a vision of God in transparent form, in a beam of light, smiling at me, and I had an understanding that he said to me, “This is what I wanted for you the whole time. I never wanted you to settle.”

I picked up my pen to write down what had just happened, and this flashed through my mind- 2018: The Year of Spreading Your Wings and Flying. I saw a vision of a butterfly that had just come out of its chrysalis, then a vision of the butterfly flying. I sat there processing the stark contrast of what I had felt, the surge of frustration and restlessness, abruptly shifting to overwhelming, blissful peace. I felt like what I had just experienced was the Lord tangibly showing me how great of a contrast there is from the years of the past, compared to this year and the ones to come. The Lord is using all the intensity of the years past to propel us forward into the abundant goodness of this year and the years to come. Doubly good for the past troubles. We are in glorious days and have only more glorious days to come!

“I will overshadow you with my colorful presence.”

This is a year of deeper awe and intimacy with the Lord, where I saw profound opportunities to jump deeper into the depth’s of God’s heart and encounter him face to face. I heard him say,  “I will overshadow you with my colorful presence. …I want my people to know me and know me well, but I want them to understand how well they are known by me. I am giving them opportunities of friction with me where we will passionately collide into one another.” As I heard this, I saw two sticks being struck together and a large fire being ignited. I also heard him say, “This is a year of remarkably unforgettable change, where my people will begin to fall passionately in love with me. I’m restoring estranged hearts, wandering minds, and I am taking back the reigns from the enemy and handing them to those who are ready to rule with me.”

Victory and Justice!

“Justice, justice! I am bringing justice to the nation, as well as individuals for injustices that have seemingly gone unnoticed by me.” The Lord has been talking to me a lot about justice some of 2016, and all of 2017. I believe 2018 will be a great turning point where we are really going to see many silenced injustices be brought to justice. Too much has been stolen from his people, and this year, great recompense is coming our way both individually, and as a nation. There is much more to say about this, I may go into a separate blog about this topic in the near future.

Another word I have been continually hearing him speak is victory, victory! Many things we have been co-laboring with him on are finally coming to a place of victory this year. I saw long awaited dreams and prophecies coming to fruition this year. The Lord also showed me a vision of a puzzle, with all the pieces in order, but none of the pieces were interlocked. Then I saw all the pieces slide into one another, and the puzzle was complete. I feel like the puzzle represented certain pursuits we have been on, ideas we have not yet put into action, and certain areas of our lives that have not been working as well as we thought they would or have been hardly hanging on. He has been placing each piece into divine order, and this year we will see many of these unfinished puzzles come into unity as he interlocks all the pieces together. I saw broken, and estranged relationships being reconciled, unified, and transformed into even greater condition than they had been in before they were ever broken. I even saw shattered marriages that were on the verge of divorce turning around and coming to a place that feels like the honey moon stage, but with an even greater depth of joy because a deeper well of love had been created in the dark times. I saw ministries, new businesses and projects that have been delayed over and over, or been slow to take off, coming together in an incline of rapid acceleration. I saw how the Lord is causing all the delays and dark times to work in our favor. He is causing all that was learned in the delays and dark times to become tools to efficiently steward and run relationships, businesses, ministries, projects, families, etc. with him, in excellence.

There is healing in your wings, healing in your dreams…

This is a year of coming out of our chrysalises, coming out of hiding, coming out of pits, coming out of pain and into the open air, breathing in the refreshment of change and a new perspective of life. This is not a time of crawling and just surviving. It’s time to enjoy, to thrive, to fly above with fresh vision into the dreams and gifts we have been given. This is a time to really taste the goodness of the Lord! I saw in a vision as individuals were pursuing their dreams, the bright, blinding light of the Lord was resting upon them. As they were spreading their wings, flying, the existing chains were breaking off and falling to the ground and great healing was coming upon them. I saw angels stirring up wells of liquid rainbows inside of us. These were deep wells of heavenly inspired creativity that will overflow, into dreams, businesses, ministries, family life, etc. As we responded to that, I felt a renewed sense of ownership and confidence over our callings as individuals. I saw healing released through our beings as we encounter him while walking out our dreams and callings with him in new, refreshing ways. It’s time to spread our wings and fly! Happy 2018! May this be a colorful year for you!